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ou can buy your second phone numbers via crypto, card or InApp

You have multiple options to purchase your second phone numbers through our platform. Here's how you can buy a second number and enjoy enhanced privacy and convenience:

Card or InApp purchases:

You can easily buy your second phone numbers through our Get Second Number iOS and Android App. We offer convenient payment options, allowing you to make purchases using your card or through InApp purchases within the app. This streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience and enables you to quickly acquire your desired second number.

Top-up credits for prepaid basis:

If you prefer a prepaid model, you have the option to top up credits to your account. By adding credits, you can easily purchase and activate second numbers as per your requirement. This prepaid basis ensures flexibility and control over your usage, allowing you to manage your phone number purchases according to your needs.

Subscription-based convenience:

In addition to prepaid options, we also offer subscription-based plans for your second numbers. With a subscription, your phone numbers remain automatically active every month, eliminating the need for manual renewal. We provide convenient subscription options through card payments, Apple, or Google platforms, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience.

Flexible terms and cancellation:

Our second number subscriptions come with flexible terms and no long-term commitments. You have the freedom to cancel your phone number subscription at any time, allowing you to adjust your usage according to your changing needs. This flexibility ensures that you have full control over your subscription and can make adjustments as required.

Boost your privacy with crypto:

🚀 In addition to traditional payment methods, we also offer the option to buy phone numbers with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether. This innovative feature allows you to enhance your privacy and security while making your purchase. Embrace the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and enjoy the convenience and anonymity that comes with using crypto for your second number transactions.

Take advantage of the various purchasing options available and acquire your second number to boost your privacy and communication capabilities. Choose the method that best suits your preferences and start enjoying the benefits of having a dedicated second phone number.