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Can I forward my incoming SMS and Calls?

Yes - all incoming calls and text messsage can be forwarded. You can setup this features in your Dashboard for each second phone number individually

Absolutely! With 2ND number App, you have the option to forward all incoming calls and text messages from your second phone numbers. This convenient feature allows you to redirect incoming communication to your real mobile number or even your email address. Here's how you can set up call and SMS forwarding:

Customize forwarding settings:

In your Dashboard, you can access the settings for each individual second phone number. From there, you can easily customize the forwarding options according to your preferences. This flexibility enables you to fine-tune call and SMS forwarding for each number individually, ensuring maximum control over your communication channels.

Forward incoming voice calls:

With call forwarding, you can redirect incoming voice calls from your second number to your real mobile number or any other designated line. This means that when someone calls your second number, the call will be automatically redirected to the specified forwarding destination, allowing you to receive calls seamlessly without revealing your second number.

Forward incoming SMS:

Similarly, you can set up SMS forwarding to ensure that any incoming text messages to your second number are forwarded directly to your real mobile number or even to your email address. This feature eliminates the need to constantly check multiple devices or accounts, as all incoming SMS will be conveniently forwarded to the designated destination.

Flexibility and convenience:

Call and SMS forwarding provides you with flexibility and convenience in managing your communication channels. You can centralize all your incoming calls and messages, making it easier to stay organized and promptly respond to important communications. Whether you prefer to receive calls on your real mobile or access SMS via email, call and SMS forwarding enables you to streamline your communication workflow.

Take control of your communication:

By setting up call and SMS forwarding, you can maintain control over your communication while using a second phone number. Enjoy the privacy and flexibility of a separate number while ensuring that all incoming calls and text messages are conveniently forwarded to your preferred destination.

With 2ND number App, you have the power to forward incoming voice calls and SMS from your second phone numbers, allowing you to manage your communication efficiently and ensure that important messages and calls are always within reach.