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Receive calls online

Phone numbers to receive call verifications online

📞 Buy phone numbers for call verification. Voice calls can be received with the Second Number App. 📱 You can also forward or record your incoming calls. 🎥 Many online services require call verification, and with 2ND number, you can conveniently use your virtual phone to manage these verifications. Here's how you can make the most of your second number for incoming calls:

Unlimited and free incoming calls:

With your second number, you can receive unlimited incoming calls at no additional cost. 🆓 Enjoy the freedom of unrestricted communication and use your second number to receive calls from friends, family, or business contacts. There are no limitations on the number of incoming calls you can receive, allowing you to stay connected without worrying about call charges.

Setup call features with your second line:

Enhance your call management capabilities with the call features available for your second line. Customize these features to suit your needs:

  • Call forwarding to your real phone:

    With call forwarding, you can redirect incoming calls from your second number to your real phone. This ensures that you never miss an important call and have the flexibility to answer incoming calls using your preferred device. Set up call forwarding to seamlessly manage your calls and maintain connectivity.

  • Call Recording:

    Record your incoming calls with the call recording feature. This can be especially useful for capturing important conversations, documenting business discussions, or keeping a record of client interactions. Activate call recording to create a comprehensive log of your phone conversations for future reference.

  • Voicemail:

    Set up a voicemail for your second line to ensure that you never miss a message. When you're unable to answer a call, callers can leave a voice message in your voicemail box. Access your voicemail at your convenience and stay informed about missed calls or important messages.

With these call features, you can effectively manage your incoming calls and tailor your communication experience to meet your specific requirements. Customize your call settings through the Second Number App to take full advantage of these features.

Experience the convenience of receiving calls with your second number. Use it for call verification, personal communication, or business purposes. With 2ND number, you have the flexibility to manage incoming calls effortlessly and maximize the potential of your virtual phone line.