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I did not receive a verification code?

Follow this steps if your second number does not receive and SMS code

If you have not received a verification code for your second phone number, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue. Here are some suggestions to help you receive the verification code:

  • Ensure incoming calls and SMS are enabled:

    Check that your second number is enabled to receive incoming calls and SMS. Some providers offer options to customize the settings for each number, so make sure the necessary permissions are granted to receive verification codes.

  • Switch to phone call verification:

    If you are experiencing difficulties with SMS verification, consider switching to phone call verification. Many platforms offer alternative methods for verification, including receiving a verification code via a phone call instead of SMS.

  • Try another second number:

    If the verification code is not being delivered to your current second number, try using another number from your rented package. You may also consider selecting a second number from a different country, as this can sometimes help resolve verification code delivery issues.

  • Avoid forwarding options:

    Check the settings of your second number and ensure that you have not set up any forwarding options to another phone number. Forwarding can sometimes interfere with the delivery of verification codes, so disabling this option may help resolve the issue.

  • Wait and try again:

    In some cases, there may be temporary delays in the delivery of verification codes. If you have not received the code immediately, it is advisable to wait for a short period and then attempt the verification process again. Alternatively, you can try with another number from your package.

  • Check recording settings:

    If you have enabled features like a mailbox or auto recording for your second number, it may take some time for the call to be recorded. Allow a few minutes for the recording process to complete. Once the recording is finished, you can access and listen to the call activity in your dashboard.

  • Send a SMS from your real device:

    Send a test text message (SMS) from a real device to your second phone number.

  • Call from a real device:

    Make a real call to your second number and check if you receive the call. Make sure you enabled some features like call recording or forwarding to see your incoming test call

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot the issue of not receiving a verification code for your second phone number. Ensure proper settings, consider alternative verification methods, and be patient if there are delays in code delivery. If the problem persists, reach out to your second number provider's support for further assistance.