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What features are activated with my second numbers?

SMS forwarding, SMS to Email, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Webhooks and more features come with your second phone numbers.

With 2ND number App, you have full control over the features activated for each of your second numbers. You can configure these features individually and turn them on or off at any time, allowing you to customize your communication experience. Here are the features available for activation with your second numbers:

SMS forwarding to your real mobile device:

By activating this feature, you can forward incoming SMS messages from your second number directly to your real mobile device. This ensures that you can conveniently receive and manage all your text messages in one place, without the need to constantly check multiple devices or accounts.

SMS forwarding to multiple Email addresses:

If you prefer to receive your incoming SMS messages via email, you can activate SMS forwarding to multiple email addresses. This feature allows you to forward incoming text messages from your second number to multiple designated email addresses of your choice. Stay informed and easily access your messages from your preferred email platform.

Call forwarding to your real phone:

With call forwarding, you can redirect incoming calls from your second number to your real phone. By activating this feature, you can ensure that you never miss an important call and have the flexibility to answer any incoming call with your own device. This feature is particularly useful when you want to consolidate your communication channels and manage all your calls in one place.

Call Recording:

If you want to keep a record of your incoming calls, you can activate call recording for your second numbers. Once enabled, all incoming calls to the respective number will be automatically recorded. This feature is valuable for various purposes, such as capturing important conversations, documenting business transactions, or maintaining a record of client interactions.

Call Mailbox:

Setting up a call mailbox allows callers to leave voice messages when you are unavailable or unable to answer a call. This feature ensures that you never miss important messages from your contacts. Callers can leave a voice message, which will be stored in your call mailbox for you to listen to at your convenience. This centralized location provides easy access and efficient management of your voice messages.

Customize your communication experience:

With 2ND number App, you have the flexibility to activate and configure these features individually for each of your second numbers. Customize your communication experience based on your preferences and specific needs. Activate the features that enhance your productivity, privacy, and convenience, and easily manage them through the app or web-based interface.

Take advantage of these versatile features to optimize your communication workflow with your second numbers. Tailor your settings to create a personalized and efficient communication experience that meets your unique requirements.