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Receive SMS online

Phone numbers to receive SMS online for verification

📩 Receive incoming text messages with 2ND numbers. If you receive a verification SMS to one of your second numbers, you can also forward the message to multiple email addresses or your real mobile as a text. 📲 Incoming SMS calls are unlimited and free to your Second Number App. Here's how you can make the most of your second number for receiving SMS:

Unlimited and free incoming SMS:

With your second number, you can receive unlimited incoming text messages at no additional cost. 🆓 Enjoy the freedom of unrestricted communication and use your second number to receive SMS from various sources, such as friends, online platforms, or business contacts. There are no limitations on the number of incoming SMS you can receive, allowing you to stay connected and informed.

Setup SMS feature on your second line:

Enhance your SMS management capabilities with the features available for your second line. Customize these features to suit your needs:

  • SMS forwarding to your real mobile device:

    Forward incoming SMS messages from your second number to your real mobile device. This allows you to consolidate your text messages in one place and easily manage your communication. Stay updated and receive important messages on your preferred device.

  • SMS forwarding to multiple Email addresses:

    Forward incoming SMS messages from your second number to multiple designated email addresses. This feature ensures that you never miss an important message and allows you to access your SMS conveniently from your preferred email platform or multiple email accounts.

  • SMS auto-response:

    Set up an automatic response for incoming SMS messages. This feature enables you to configure predefined messages that can be sent as auto-responses to specific keywords or types of messages. Use SMS auto-response to provide quick replies or essential information without the need for manual intervention.

With these SMS features, you can effectively manage your incoming text messages and tailor your communication experience to meet your specific requirements. Customize your SMS settings through the Second Number App to take full advantage of these features.

Experience the convenience of receiving SMS with your second number. Use it for verification codes, personal communication, or business purposes. With 2ND number, you have the flexibility to manage incoming SMS effortlessly and stay connected with your virtual phone line.